Slowly walking to the door οf hell
willingly digging your own grave
You came to face death himself
Poor man, thinking you're that brave

Now in the shadows you'll lurk forever
You became one with them, like all the others
But how she aches for you and cares
You don't seem to know, there's only darkness

Down in the darkness now you wish
She'll never come across this door
Oh wait, is that her approaching?
Time for fun once more...

(δεν είμαι goth ή κάτι τέτοιο, απλά έχω περίεργες εμπνεύσεις στις 4 τα ξημερώματα) 

Look the other way.

   When we walk down a crowded street, we tend to look straight ahead and avoid making eye contact with other people. It's just like a tunnel vision. We are very insular and adjust our reactions according to the situation. Everyone prefers to look at the floor buttons in a lift, than look around and maybe catch somebody's eye. 
   Crowded buses and trains make us feel the same way. We bury our faces in a newspaper or a magazine - anything but make contact. Perhaps, if we were to loosen up a bit, we might find other people are actually friendly and worth to know better.

As the song says wisely, people are strange when you're a stranger.

*Στην αρχή το είχα γράψει στα ελληνικά, θέλοντας όμως να κάνω εξάσκηση στα αγγλικά, το μετέφρασα και μου άρεσε πιο πολύ έτσι.*