1,5 month

I didn't write anything for like, this long.
I just couldn't put anything into words.
Lots of things happened, although I only cared care about one of them.
I just couldn't explain those extreme emotions than ran through my spine.

At first it was probably "happiness".
I mean, if this feeling really exists, I definitely felt it those days.
Thousands of beautiful thoughts would come through my mind.
Every second. My imagination became too untamed to control.
I couldn't explain it.
But I enjoyed every drop of it.

But I knew it wouldn't last. It never does.
What I cried weren't tears.
What I felt wasn't pain.
What came from my mouth wasn't a scream.
It wasn't a gasp.
It wasn't sadness.
It was a deep, bottomless despair.
And I suffer from every drop of it.