The Only Moment(s) We Were Alone.

Sometimes, I can't help thinking of a certain someone, and how we would have these few hours together at the end of every Friday. It was sacred. If anyone tried to intrude, we would subtly shoo them away. Because that time was for us. We would take a walk, unwind for a bit, talk about anything that worries us, and then leave. Nothing else was needed that time. If it was raining he would hold an umbrella over my head. If it was cold he'd let me snuggle close. I miss those moments alone, when we were just the two of us.

Now that I think about it, it was like a glittering blackness, the time would stop. I guess it was only natural to be afraid, since I were lonely for so long before. My trembling hands prevented me from hugging goodbye, because what we lived was like a first breath after coma. Yeah, that's the only way to describe it.

He asked me to think about him 'sometimes', and he would instantly feel it. But I never really forgot him. I wonder if he can feel that. I wonder if he can feel that I'm yearning for the moment he'll place his hand in mine, I wonder if he can feel that I'm falling in a coma again, and noone can save me anymore.

It's just that, all the strength and human qualities in me are poor in front of such situation. But at least I know, no matter how lonely I feel, I'm not alone. Because, one day, my Friday will come again.

Note: Recently, I've been checking my readers and I was blown away by the amount of foreign 'followers' I have. I tried to add a page-translator (or sth like that) but it didn't work. It might be easier for me to write in my native language, but I'll try to write in English more often, or just translate them from Greek (like the one above).