Bedtime thoughts

At first, it was mostly
the nights of loneliness
that made you want to
keep me
as your bedside table,
where you could
leave your ugly thoughts
upon me
like you drop your pair of
before you fall asleep.

But it's so hard to get back
to sleep, when
you've fallen in love with the habit
of staring the person lying
next to you.
When you've hidden your mind
inside my draws
and when I've kept your
saddened eyes
like the finest piece of jewelry.
When you've placed your pain
inside my mouth,
your yearning for love
between my thighs
and your deep breath into
my ear, whispering

"I need you so much"


You never explained why,
but you told me once
that what attracted you the most in me
was the shape of my cheekbones.

Maybe it was the sense of
like the bed sheets covering our bodies
as they could hide in a poetic way
the perplexity of my
thoughts and feelings.
A sense of mystery,
- more likely


On that bed,
we rolled back and forth
from side to side
with guilty looks, and grips
so tight
Thrown away dresses
and unbuttoned shirts, screams
for god
and then kisses goodnight

Between those covers,
your forehead became an
untamed sea
filled with secrets
and promises impossible to
You always held me close
whenever you wanted to
sleep, or
rip your skin apart.
And I held you close,
even though I knew that my
drowning would be
a matter of

But who would prefer to stay in a dry land anyway?